Letters to Emmy

Letter from LadysMCQ

It will be one year on the 17th of June that my beloved Fair Molly Mcq made the transition from the physical realm to the spiritual realm...Death is not the end ..but the beginning...I can see her smiling face greeting Terri's Emmy...as she is making her way to the bridge.....Molly is holding the light...and giving her the biggest smusch she will ever receive...they will go off running..jumping up and down with all the antics that a Boston Terrier can muster.....Emmy will go and find the other two dogs in Terri's family...Brandy and Bridgett..and they will have more fun playing with one another...and always casting a glance back at the bridge to look for their loved one coming up the road....Emmy and Molly are not gone...Emmy and Molly are with us...I know Molly is with me...She and Jesus have assured me of that...and have given me many gifts that her presence is very real..and that she still remains by my side.....one is never left alone.. even in death the gift of love continues..Love does not die...Heaven is only a Whisper away..all the ones you love continue to live after death...My beloved Molly.. Terri's beloved Emmy.. Scotties beloved Joe and Thunder...like a butterfly..free to soar...Butterflies and Rainbows...Typical symbolic.. a form of after death communication..the butterfly..a spiritual symbol for life after death because of its transformation..from a caterpillar to a beautiful creature that flies through the air..I begged God to give me a sign that Molly was all right...and I would see her again..and took a walk one day.. and went up a hill.. a butterfly flew by my face.. I prayed God would make the Butterfly come back by me again to let me know this.. and I kept on walking and after halfway down the hill.. a butterfly flew past my face..and landed not far from my feet and when I looked around..I was surrounded by about twenty butterflies....Two days before Molly went to the bridge.. a beautiful Rainbow appeared over her while she was sleeping on her bean bag at the sliding glass door....I wondered than.. one week after she left the biggest brightest rainbow appeared over her bean bag again...many weeks and months later..as i still go to all her favorite spots and places and when i am so sad a Rainbow appears..and on my birthday in April I thought of Molly all day..and i went out the door to go to dinner that night..a beautiful Rainbow in a circle was right in front of my face..Molly's and Christ Birthday gift to me.... one of my friends called me and said look outside..Do you see Molly's birthday gift to you...The rainbow is one of mankind's oldest symbols of hope and eternal life...the butterfly the symbol of resurrection ..there is life after death and LOVE IS ETERNAL..They are telling us they are o.k...We WILL SEE THEM AGAIN..He knows our hearts desires...and He goes and prepares a place for us...While our grief is deep over the separation for awhile of EMMY..MOLLY...SCOTTIE'S JOE AND THUNDER..and all of our loved ones...keep watching and waiting and never give up hope that we will all be reunited to continue on with our love for all the rest of eternity....OUR SYMPATHIES TO TERRI............LOVE..LADYS MCQ and Fair Molly MCQ

Letter from SKilleb830, Scottie Killebrew, to LadysMCQ

To LADYS MCQ and Fair Molly MCQ,

The letter you wrote to Terri on the loss of her beloved Emmy was beautiful. Like you, I believe that their passing from this world of ours to the Heavenly beauty of the Rainbow Bridge is not the end but the beginning of joy as they romp with those who are already there and waiting for them, and that they look for us as they play..When the rainbows or butterflies appear, they flutter down to be at our side.. As we continue to walk the lonesome and sometimes dark paths here on earth, they are beside us to guide us with the Light of Love.... And someday, when we join them there, we will then go hand and paw thru the Gates where we will all be happy for all eternity. Life is just a moment, but eternity is forever. My deepest sympathy, Terri and family, on the loss of your beloved Emmy..Just remember that my Angel's candle burns always and sends a glow of love to those on the Rainbow Bridge, and it is lit now to show Emmy, Joe, Molly, and Thunder and all the rest of my bridge kids that I and others love and miss them..Light a candle on Monday nights at 10 PM with the rest of us for Emmy and all on the Rainbow Bridge...love and deepest regrets, Scottie (SKilleb830)

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