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The BTCA and Boston Terrier Rescue are here to help...
We are dedicated to the Boston Terrier.


What is Boston Terrier Rescue?

It is a network of BTCA affiliate clubs/members dedicated to placing unwanted or abandoned Boston Terriers. The Network arranges for emergency rescues throughout the country, and gathers information designed to match appropriate dogs in appropriate permanent and temporary homes.

What is wrong with the dogs needing rescue?

The majority of the dogs are simply unwanted by no fault of their on. Owners often find that they were unprepared for the care required. Owners are often gone all day, and therefore unable to provide the time, attention, and level of activity necessary to this lovely little dog. Sometimes jobs or life situations change, making it impossible for someone to keep their beloved pet.

Can a dog with behavioral or health problems be put up for adoption?

Boston Terrier Rescue can not place a dog that is aggressive to humans, dogs in poor health (i.e. incurable) are also not suitable for adoption. The BTCA Rescue does not function as a clearing point for dogs with serious behavior or health problems, but does make every effort to assist or council when an owner seeks advise that might enable them to keep a dog in its current home.

Can I use a rescue Dog for breeding?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. All animals must be spayed or neutered as part of the placement process, and they are placed strictly as pets. Many of the dogs rescued are not good examples of the breed standard, and often there is no pedigree or record of ancestry.

Is there a charge to surrender a dog?

If possible, owners are asked to take full responsibility for having the dog's medical requirements up-to-date, including spaying/neutering, and a current health certificate as their concerned participation in the process. Donations are also helpful to assist in the expenses involving the dog's temporary care and preparation for placement in a new home.

Is there a charge for adopting a dog?

Yes, Boston Terrier Rescue is not a clearing house for free dogs to be given to just anybody. Owning a dog requires financial and care giving responsibility of the new owner. Relocation costs and travel crate is the responsibility of the new owner.

Who can adopt a dog from the Rescue?

BTCA Rescue screens prospective owners to be sure they can provide suitable homes. Approval is based on, the owners lifestyle (i.e., available time for the dog), and their ability to house the dog properly. A fenced yard is required; the dog cannot be allowed to run free without supervision. Once a prospective owner is approved, the Rescue network then tries to match them up with the appropriate dog.

May I adopt a female?

Interestingly, most of the Bostons needing homes are males in age from one to five. Many people incorrectly think females to be more affectionate than males. The Boston Terrier male is a sweet and responsive companion. Since all rescue animals are required to be neutered as part of the placement process, the gender should not matter. Males who are rejected are often nearing sexual maturity, and instead of neutering the dog, the owner puts them up for adoption. Even when an owner had not desired to breed, they will often reject the pet as a result of problems that could have been resolved by neutering.

What if a rescue dog has a problem?

The Rescue has volunteers who work to adjust behavior problems that are not serious in nature. Sometimes telephone advise to present owners has given incite into behavioral modifications that has saved more than one dog from being displaced in its present home.

Are shelters and humane societies helpful with Boston Terrier Rescue efforts?

Some are great; others are not at all interested in our involvement, and are perhaps over-protective of their wards. Often shelters do not know the animal in their keep is a Boston. We send letters of introduction and policy, and are listed in Project Breed Rescue so that shelters will better know of our intent to help the Boston Terrier in a reputable way.

What can I do to help?

Never sell a Boston Terrier to anyone, if you think the home inappropriate, if only by instinct, do not sell to that person. Do the people have children? Do the children mind the adults? If they cannot control their children, they will for sure have problems with the dog and with the combination of the dog and children.

Be honest about the breed. Plan litters and have good homes reserved for them, or do not breed. If you do not have a serious breeding program, do not breed. If you think it will make your pet complete, you are very wrong. There are too many unwanted pets, and certainly too few suitable homes for this special dog. Be responsible and committed to the breed. If what you are breeding is not a contribution to the future of the breed, please leave it in the hands of experienced breeders. Inform and educate others as to the special nature and physical and mental requirements of the Boston Terrier. Make it understood that although small and cute, the Boston Terrier is clearly not for everyone or every lifestyle.

If you can provide a good home for a Boston Terrier, get in touch with us immediately. The dogs in need are far ahead of homes available. It is a sad and growing problem. Please consider adopting and adult dog over having a cute little puppy in your life. Puppies grow up older dog is usually very loyal, extremely affectionate towards their new owners, appreciate their new homes, never looking back. Most adopted dogs adjust quickly, with few adjustments problems. Most importantly, their life depends on someone like yourself being willing to give them a chance.

Foster care is an important necessity. If you can provide a temporary home for a Boston Terrier in need, drop us a line so that we can enter you into our computer files. Check shelters and look for Boston Terriers who may need a home if time at that shelter is limited.

Donations are greatly needed. Rescuing and placing dogs is often an expensive process, and Boston Terrier Rescue is operated primarily on donations. We need your support.

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