BikerGeorge and Rondo

Rondo's Story

On July 15, 1997 LeJoy Bostons received a call about a rescue Boston who was found wandering the streets of New York City. On July 18, we traveled to Rondout, NY to pick the dog up at the SPCA.

We must admit that his size intimidated us at first! However, he was all Boston wanting only to lick our faces and kiss our hands. He very willingly ran out to the car, happy to be going - where he did not know and didn't care.

When we got him home we immediately fell in love with him. We named him Rondo after the kennel where we picked him up. He was a perfect gentleman and loved all members of the family including the BT's. He has the most beautiful brown eyes, that just beg to be loved.

Judy Zahas, moderator of the Hoflin list sent us a request from BikerGeo looking for a Boston companion for his Boston. We contacted George and after several posts back and forth decided that they belonged together.

On July 30, 1997 George and a friend made the three hour trip down to Apalachin from Albany to meet Rondo. It is always rewarding to see a dog and a person bond quickly. Rondo took to George right away delivering many sloppy kisses!

Rondo was very excited, but George was able to calm him down. Rondo has a lot of manners to learn, but we know that George knows how to teach him well since he has had Bostons most of his life.

We wish George and Rondo the best of health and happiness as they begin a lifelong friendship.

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