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What A Blessing by LeJoyBost

As serious breeders, we knew we wanted to become involved with rescue work. We weren't sure how to do that, but we found out that rescue work comes to you!

It was an average Thursday evening, so, when the phone rang, we had no idea that a blessing was coming our way. The moderator of the Hoflin list had been notified that there was a Boston Terrier in an SPCA somewhere in New York. We live in New York, but New York is a BIG state! We got out our map and located the city. Realizing that there were others much closer to the SPCA than we were, we called and asked for assistance in picking up "Sam", a five year old neutered male. We were assured that someone would quickly go and take Sam to a safe foster home. We offered to place the need for a permanent home on the Hoflin list. On Monday, we tried in vain to get through to the SPCA to make sure someone had rescued Sam over the weekend. Finally, late on Tuesday the SPCA answered their phone and sadly, no one had come for Sammy.

The following morning, after a vet appointment, Mom and I headed out to bring Sam home. We had been told that he had spent the last five years tied up - outside to a tree and inside to a kitchen chair. The owners had left him at the SPCA because they were unable to train him.

We had no idea how far away New Hyde Park was from Apalachin, NY. We left at 11:00 a.m. and by 4:20 p.m., 185 miles later, we had arrived in the general vacinity of the SPCA. We knew they closed at 4:30 p.m. and were very concerned about not getting there in time. My son had lent us his cellular phone and we had been trying to call all afternoon. The line was always busy. When 4:30 p.m. arrived, the phone finally rang and an answering machine said that the SPCA was closed. You can imagine the panic in my voice as I pleaded with someone to pick up. We were lost and had come so far! Fortunately, a friendly voice answered, gave us instructions and promised to wait.

Sam cuddled into Mom's arms, loving the human contact. He was hungry for love and it was difficult for Mom to stop hugging him long enough to sign his release papers. When we put the collar and leash on him, he bounded out the door and into the crate in our car. Somehow he knew he was going home.

Sam was very alert, curious and intelligent. He walked well on the lead and came when we called him. He loved everyone he met and showered Boston kisses on all. We had great hope that we would find him a good home where he would be happy and feel loved. We were quite taken with Sam!

The next day we began advertising for a home for Sam. We remembered reading a message on the list from Chris O'Brien who was interested in a Rescue Boston. So we also e-mailed her and told her to check the list for more details. The more we spoke back and forth, the more we felt that Chris would make a great new "mom" for our Sam. She seemed to understand that this was a special needs Boston and had wonderful family support! - a definite must!!!

When the big day for Sam arrived, his foster mom gave him a bath and fixed him up with a party neckerchief -- after all this was better than a birthday! Chris weathered zero degree temperatures and a lake effect snow storm to travel the three hours from Rochester, NY to Apalachin. It was love at first sight! Chris, who had brought sibling support, fell in love with Sammy and the feeling was mutual. While we talked about the things involved in caring for Sam, he made the rounds kissing all the members of his new family and finally fell asleep on Chris' brother, Chuck's lap. We knew it was going to be a good match!

Chris has kept in touch with us and with the other members of the Hoflin list. There have been some problems, not uncommon with Rescue Bostons, but with the advice of many experienced Boston lovers on-line, Sam is making a good adjustment. Chris reports that he is also making good progress on housebreaking. They are sharing a lot of love and companionship. Chris says Sam sticks to her like velcro!

God has given us the opportunity to share a great blessing. Not only have we assisted in rescuing a Boston Terrier from a life of bondage, we have also helped to bring love and laughter into a home, all wrapped up in a neat black, brindle and white bundle of love. That is why God created Boston Terriers!

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