The Littlest Angels

God was walking through His garden one day, and he came upon this little angel, sitting on a rock, crying. He went over and said, My child, why do you weep? "They say I am too tiny, and that I cannot play with them." He lifted her onto His lap. "There, there, little one, do not cry. I am sure I can help you." Just at that time, a little dog peeked out from under His robes. She was a very tiny Boston Terrier, and she was also too small to play with the other angel dogs. God bent down, and lifted her up. "Sassi! I wasn't expecting you so early. You weren't supposed to be here for another 15 years!" He placed Sassi on to the little angels lap, and Sassi kissed her! She giggled, never having been kissed by a BT before! "Can I play with her?" she asked? "Yes, my child, you can. See, she is just your size, and loves to play." With that, He placed them down on the path to the Rainbow Bridge. "You can play there, and when your loved ones come, they will know where to find you." They ran off, and He smiled.

To the littlest angel. Forever remembered, forever loved.

The Littlest Angel

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Last updated September 3, 1997.