Your memory will live on in our hearts forever. You came into our lives a short ten years ago and we are oh so better for having known you. The world was your friend. No matter what creature of God you met in your travels, be it man or animal, you offered your friendship with total trust. As the years progressed and your face became covered in grey and your poor little legs had stiffened with age, you were still our little "Baby Boy", in our hearts and our minds. You brought such joy and laughter to our lives with all your crazy clown antics and the unconditional love that you bestowed upon us will be cherished until our dying day in the special place we all have in our hearts for memories such as these. This photo was taken at the Humane Society for the Christmas of 1995. Snuffy had expressed his wish to send out Christmas cards that year to all his friends so we had this portrait taken with Santa. Somehow we knew it was to be his last Christmas. We said goodbye to our little boy on July 13, 1996. He was thirteen.

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