Anna's Prince "Sparky"

4-24-87 to 8-25-97

As you flew across the yard into our arms you were only 14 weeks old. Little did we know you were really "leaping into our hearts."

With your friendly personality you were always "smiling" or "sticking your tongue out" at your human family and neighborhood friends. Your only demand was to be near us - in our arms or at our feet.

We miss your "jingles" as you enter a room - but we know someday we will once again hear that happy familiar jingle as we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. We will then take our long overdue walk together, side by side.

Until then, we will smile through our tears as we remember our little "wiggle butt"

We miss you, Sparky.

Char, Joel, Kelley and Gina

Lighting a candle in memory

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Last updated February 22, 1999.