Maus and Tanglefoot, at their first meeting. Maus had to hiss at him, and Dweazel hid under the TV stand. Scaredy cats!!

Bike riding anyone?

Tanglefoot, scaling my bike. He loved to climb up on it.

Bath Time!

This is one MAD cat! He hated to have a bath!

Drink, anyone?

He loved to drink out of the toilet. Never could break him of this, so we gave up.

Lying on David's lap

His favourite spot to lay on. He died lying on his dad's lap.

Hi Mom!

This is one of the better pictures of him, right in his prime.


His attempt at Yoga. Doesn't he look comfortable?

Dad and Tanglefoot

So tired! Rough day sleeping all the time!

Dad and Tanglefoot

Cuddle time again!

Calesthenics anyone?

Stretch, two, three, four!

Back ache?

Teebies to the rescue! I will warm your back for you in a jiffy!

Tanglefoot and Pixel

Tanglefoot and Pixel, together on our couch. Both are now in the meadows under the Raibow Bridge.


I can beat you two falls out of three, Dad!

Lighting a candle in memory

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