Tanglefoot at Christmas, 1997


Tanglefoot, aka Teebies, in a box that Judy sent Christmas gifts in. Not long after, he became ill.

Tanglefoot's Last Photo

Tanglefoot in David's arms - his favourite place to be.

Deeply missed by Mom and Dad, Maus, Dweazel,Nyota, Biddy, Squeek, Siobhan and Jeremy.

Tanglefoot's Story

One day, late in September of 1984, David came home from a friend's house with this little, tiny black kitten. His friend had adopted the kitten, but his older cat hated him, and he had to be kept in a bedroom away from the older cat, so offered him to Dave. The kitten was so cute, and so small, that he couldn't resist, so he brought him home. Our 2 big boys, Maus and Dweazel, wondered what in the world that "thing" was - Maus hissed at him everytime he moved!! He made himself right at home. While watching his antics that first night, we noticed that is was a little clumsy, and we called him Tanglefoot, and the name stuck. He was adorable!

About 18 months ago, he started vomiting, so we took him to the vet. He was diagnosed with a virus, and was treated for that. He continued to vomit intermittently, but we didn't worry too much, as he seemed alright otherwise.

In early December of 1997, we noticed that he was losing weight, but was eating like a horse! We suspected diabetes, so we took him to the vet on Jan 10,1998. At that point, he weighed 2.5 lbs, down from 15 lbs in 1996. The vet did a bunch of tests, and thought he might have a pancreatic tumor, so he asked me to bring him back in for xrays on Friday, the 16th. I brought him in, and the diagnosis was lymphosarcoma. My baby had cancer. Dr. Chapman that there wasn't any real treatment for it, and to do surgery would only be a torture for him. He said that the cancer had killed his intestines, and that the only thing to do was to let him go. We decided to bring him home, so he wouldn't die there, alone.

Saturday, Jan. 17, was a day of waiting. He had not eaten anything since wednesday night, and now couldn't drink anything. David came home from work, and Tanglefoot, weak as he was, crawled into his lap. There he stayed, except for bathroom breaks, when I held him. He would get upset if Dave left him, and would cry out. Dave held him on his lap all night long.

At 7 am that morning, Jan. 18, Dave came upstairs to get me. Tanglefoot was breathing odd, and he thought it was only going to be a matter of minutes before he died. I came down, and sat with my hand on him, and his breathing normalized. I took him on my lap again so Dave could get up, and he cried. We sat like this for the next 2 hours. About 9 am, he started breathing hard again, and I knew it was getting near the time. Just then, an ornament engraved with his name on it, fell off the shelf where it had been hanging since before Christmas. There were 3 other ornaments hanging with his, and his was the only one to come down. He stopped breathing at 9:07 am, and we held him and cuddled him till his heart stopped, at about 9:12 am. He was 13 1/2 years old.

He was a good old man, and a favourite of David.

Lighting a candle in memory

Going through the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven

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