CH. Alohaisle Jomakai Thunder
April 10,1990 to May 1, 1996

Lovingly owned and missed by Carolyn Killebrew of Jomakai Bostons in Hawaii.

To Thunder Boy

On the day that you left me, a beautiful rainbow rose up over our home
I could almost see you traveling up it to join Papa Joe on the Rainbow bridge
Did you fly into his arms to give him a kiss ?
Did he say " How is mom and all the kids at home?"
I know that your mom, Dolly, and your little brother, Little Adam,
Came running to give you a welcoming to equal none
Give our dobes: Uno,Ari Boy, Koa, and Joey our love and kisses
And don't forget to give our bassett, Sadie, lots of slurpy kisses.
Since you left me, you now have company on the bridge with you
For Molly waits in your dad's arms for her loved one to join her
Just as one day, I too, will join all of you.

Written for Thunder Boy by his loving mom, Carolyn Killebrew.

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