Tony, Lord of Hardy House

Tony was spoiled ever since the day we brought him home- a little two pound bundle of wiggles and kisses! He got to sleep on Momma's bed, was picked up and put down by Momma, was fed the very best doggy foods, and played with the very best toys. We soon found out however, that Tony's favorite things in the world were the sun, a warm cuddly body, and Rope Toys.

Tony loved to nap- he was an expert nap dog. His favorite place to nap (or just to rest his wonderfully expressive eyes!) was a nice, warm patch of sunlight. Indoors, outdoors, in the car- Tony always chose the sunniest spot available. (We think he knew how nicely it shone off his soft brindle fur.) Tony loved to play in the sun, also- he was never a dog who liked to be in the dark. He would lie next to windows (especially if it meant jumping onto the beds!) and sit at the top of the stairs, the sunniest spots in the house. Eventually he got to learn where the sun would go- so if he fell asleep in the easy chair at noon, by one he would be bathed in sunlight and blissfully dreaming!

Tony loved to cuddle, also- there was nothing Tony enjoyed more than receiving love! He was happy to be picked up, danced with, snuggled up to, curled up around, petted, scratched, wiggled against, sprawled out with, or laid down next to. He would jump on the bed, couch, or chair with you- especially if you had an afghan to share! He would wedge himself in the closest possible space- failing that, he would monopolize your lap. He was perfectly content to lay his head next to (or on!) your shoulder- except on cold nights, when he would insist to sleep down by your stomach- under the covers!

We had bought Tony all different kinds of toys- but his strong jaws and single-minded determination ended up destroying all of them within a short time. Finally we tried rope toys- long braids of rope, with knots at the end- he loved them! He could chew on them, worry them, carry them around (occasionally tripping on them), and get almost anyone to pull on the other end for him. He always knew exactly where all of his rope toys were- if you asked Tony to "Go get your toy!" He would streak off to the nearest toy's location, and come tearing back to you at full speed! If you crept into Momma's room at 2am and whispered, "Tony, go get your toy?" he would jump off the bed and come running!

Tony was Momma's special boy- our first puppy, we all became very attached to him- but Momma most of all! She gave him treats, and special care, and she would bring him home presents- he became a member of the family. When Tony got cancer when he was six, our family was heartbroken, but Momma most of all. She spoiled Tony more than ever, gave him everything he wanted, and did everything possible to make him comfortable and happy... but soon she saw that he was in too much pain, and she helped the angels carry Tony up to Heaven and the Rainbow Bridge... holding him and whispering sweet words to him the whole way.

Tony was never a very patient dog (especially when he felt it was time to play!), but while he waits for his Momma by the Rainbow Bridge, he has found a nice and sunny spot to play in (and to have an occasional nap in,) a warm body to cuddle up with, and the Perfect Rope Toy- sitting close enough for him to grab on short notice... should St. Francis look over at him and say, "Tony, go get your toy?"

We miss you, Tony.... Your Family (especially Momma)

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Last updated September 12, 1998.