Have you been watching the skies and paying closer attention to what is going on in the world lately? Do you wonder about the decline of today's civilization? Are you in search of multicultural prophecies potentially relevant to these times? Are you simply looking for news sources outside the mainstream media and/or contact with kindred souls? Just want to rest your weary Internet spirit?

You might be surprised to find similar prophecies and myths from many different cultures. Those similarities, as well as some idea of the cycles of history, are keys to the doors of the future. You won't find much interpretation interwoven into texts; your educated guess is as good as mine or anyone else's. You will, I hope, be happy to discover that this site neither promotes a particular religion or theology nor exists solely for commercial purposes. I'm simply offering free food for free thought.

The telescope needs occasional adjustments, and I hope you'll pardon the dust while I shift megaliths here and there from time to time. Bookmark now to avoid the risk of getting lost in cyberspace without a homing device -- or should that be teleportation spell?

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Table of Contents Communications: Chat, Forums, etc. Divination: Tarot, Astrology, Runes Hidden History: What you weren't taught. Current Events Controversies and Coverups Prophecies and Apparitions Universal Myths and Mysterious Places Miscellaneous Occulture Herbal

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SUN: Table of Contents
Also, Site Search Engine

MERCURY: Communications
Chat Room, Site News, Forum

VENUS: Divination (Oracles)
Free online readings

EARTH: Hidden History
A growing list of topics: Pope Joan, My Lai, Genocide, and more

MARS: Recent and Current Events
News, Commentary, Deception, Repression, Secrecy

JUPITER: Controversies
The Sphinx, Knights Templar, Sitchin's Theory, The Murder of John Paul I, Dead Sea Scrolls, and others

SATURN: Multicultural Prophecies
Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Mother Shipton, Native Americans and many, many more

URANUS: Universal Myths
Afterlife, Flood, Creation Myths and Mysterious Places. You may be surprised by the similarities

NEPTUNE: Occulture
Ancient Maps, Turin Shroud, Dragons, Synchronicity, and more

PLUTO: Herbal Remedies
Preparation techniques, descriptions, resources

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