Signs of the Millennium

In The Final Prophecies of Nostradamus, Erika Cheetham notes, "Nostradamus' family had declared themselves converts to the Christian religion by 1502, two years before he was born. But they never entirely left their Judaism behind. We learn that among the first things Nostradamus was taught by his grandfather was Hebrew, so the ancient creed must have been a strong tradition among the family.

"The Old Testament predicts that seven great events will happen at roughly the same time, all of which shall be indicators that mankind is approaching Armageddon, Nostradamus' Millennium. Horrifyingly enough, these events appear to have already started and mankind will have to act quickly if the predictions are not to be fulfilled."

The "seven signs" mentioned in the Old Testament are: religious deception, internal revolution, worldwide war, famine, the poisoning of the earth, earthquakes, and plagues and disease. Below are some of Nostradamus' quatrains dealing with famine, plague, and earthquakes.


Century 1, Quatrain 67

The great famine which I sense approaching
Will often turn [up in various areas] then become worldwide.
It will be so vast and long-lasting that [people] will grab
Roots from the trees and children from the breast.


Century 1, Quatrain 69

The great mountain, seven stadia [4,247 feet] in circumference,
After peace, war, famine, flooding,
[The impact?] Will spread far, drowning great countries
Even antiquities and their mighty foundations.


Century 2, Quatrain 75

The voice of the unusual bird is heard,
In the pipe of the breathing floor:
Bushels of wheat will rise so high,
That man will devour his fellow man.


Century 5, Quatrain 90

In the Cyclades, in Perinthus and Larissa,
In Sparta and the entire Pelopennesus: [the Balkans and all of Greece]
Very great famine, plague through false dust,
Nine months will it last throughout the entire peninsula.


Century 5, Quatrain 63

From the vain enterprise honor and undeserved complaint,
Boats tossed about among the Latins, cold, hunger, waves
Not far from the Tiber the land stained with blood,
And diverse plagues will be upon mankind.


Century 6, Quatrain 5

Very great famine (caused) by a plague-ridden wave,
Will extend through long rain the length of the Arctic pole:
"Samarobryn" one hundred leagues from the hemisphere,
They will live without law, exempt from politics.


Century 8, Quatrain 17

Those at ease will suddenly be cast down,
The world put into trouble by three brothers;
Their enemies will seize the marine city,
Hunger, fire, blood, plague, all evils doubled.


Century 9, Quatrain 55

The horrible war which is prepared in the West,
The following year will come the pestilence
So very horrible that young, old, nor beast (will survive),
Blood, fire, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France.


Century 1, Quatrain 46

Very near to Auch, Lectoure and Mirande, [Southwestern France]
Great fire in the sky for three nights will fall:
A very stupendous and marvelous event will happen,
Very soon after the earth will tremble.


Century 3, Quatrain 3

With Mars and Mercury and the Moon in conjunction,
Toward the south there will be extreme drought:
In the depths of Asia one will say the earth trembles,
Corinth, Ephesus then in a troubled state.


Century 9, Quatrain 31

The trembling of the earth at Mortara
The tin island of St. George half sunk;
Drowsy with peace, war will arise,
At Easter in the temple abysses open.


Century 9, Quatrain 83

Sun twentieth of Taurus the earth will tremble very mightily,
It will ruin the great theater filled:
To darken and trouble air, sky and land,
Then the infidel will call upon God and saints.


Century 10, Quatrain 60

I weep for Nice, Monaco, Pisa, Genoa,
Savona, Siena, Capua, Modena, Malta:
For the above blood and sword for a New Year's gift,
Fire, the earth will tremble, water an unhappy reluctance.


Century 10, Quatrain 67

A very mighty trembling in the month of May,
Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus:
Venus also in Cancer, Mars in Virgo,
At that time hail will fall larger than an egg.

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