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Titans (Greek): The 12 children of Gaea and Uranus. Female: Rhea, Mnemosyne, Theia, Themis, Tethys and Phoebe. Male: Oceanus, Creus, Coeus, Iapetus, Cronus and Hyperion. The children of the original 12 are also Titans. However, Zeus and the rest of the Olympian deities prefer to be called Olympians and are the children of Rhea and Cronus. (Moon of Saturn.)


The links below will take you to on-site treatments of a few aspects of the Great Prophet. Those who wish to learn more about Nostradamus should check their local libraries -- a great number of books have been published about him and his prophecies -- or look through my selection of recommended books.

You may be disappointed by the fact that, in many cases, I provide quatrains without interpretation. This is because I think that you should read and interpret them for yourself -- without being guided by someone else's point of view, bias, theory, etc. Don't forget to share your opinions with other Nostradamus investigators by posting messages within the Nostradamus forum. (You'll also be able to read the interpretations of others by visiting the forum.)

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Selected Prophecies of Nostradamus

The Idiot Heir and the Bloody One

The 9/11/01 Hoax & More Genuine Quatrains

The "New City"

Prophecies of the Near Future?

The Brothers

1999: King of Terror?


Signs of the Millennium

Prophecies of the Antichrist?


Famous Fulfilled (?) Prophecies

Did Nostradamus Predict the Murder of John Paul I?

His Prophecies on the Decline of the Church


The Life of Nostradamus

A Short Biography

His Method

Anecdotal Stories

Desecration of the Tomb of Nostradamus

Coming Soon: What's a Quatrain? When a Century Is Not 100 Years -- and More


Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus

(Text Only -- English)

Century I
Century II
Century III
Century IV
Century V
Century VI
Century VII
Epistle to Henry II
Century VIII
Century IX
Century X

Almanacs: 1555-1563
Almanacs: 1564-1567

Search Engine for the Centuries

The Prophecies of Nostradamus in French and English





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